Wholesale Salling

Pure Dana/ Solid form


1) Nukla Dana
2) Highly in demand because of its purity and crystal look. We are one of the biggest importers of this product in the country.
3) Tajaki and Uzbeki Dana: Has the strongest aroma in comparison to any other kind of asafetida. Recommended for the use in medicines and products requiring the flavor of hing. Helps to keep good digestion.
4) Hadda: Raw hadda is imported from Iran. Processed and used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines and cures digestive problems
5) Pinaksir: Highly pungent smell. Used in medicines


Semi Liquid


1) Tajaki doodh
2) Uzbeki doodh
3) Pinaksir (Uzbeki and Majari)
4) Hadda etc.
5) Pinaksir: (Uzbeki and Majari)
6) Hadda etc.